Saturday, April 10, 2010

That's one step closer to world domination!

I've been featured by the gracious Sharni on her wonderful site Sharnanigans as part of a new regular feature: Friday Fertilisers. The title refers to her site's motto, "...the grass isn't greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it.." well, that or she's refering to the amount of "fertiliser" I regularly spout on this little blog of mine!

Sharni started blogging around the same time as me, and has gone on to create her own website full of life lessons, interviews with inspirational and funny people like Alice Grist, Jane Kennedy and Wil Anderson. It's a site of explorations: she explores her new mama-hood, her spirituality and life as a big city gal adjusting to life in a tiny One Horse Town.

I highly recommend you go check her out, there's lots to explore over there!

After reading Sharni's impressions of this blog (and it's superawesome modest author), I've realised that maybe I'm closer to my goal of being more Zen and philosophical, rather than the neurotic mess who over analyses everything that I used to be, and am trying very hard not to be anymore.

It's funny how sometimes when you see yourself reflected back from another person's perspective, the view is better than from inside your own head. :)

I've also realised that I was right to question the name of my blog, I did wonder back at the time whether it was a bit too "huh?", but I have always loved the description of the word; wildly impractical and romantic, given to flights of fancy. Plus I regularly find myself "tilting at windmills" when I gnash teeth and rail against everything from corporate media and truth in advertising to why do they make those darn Rice Wheel packets so hard to open!!!

I also didn't want to be restricted to being "just" a Mummy blog, and it sounded suitably vague enough to cover whatever I may end up writing about!

So there's the story behind this blog's name - now go visit Sharnanigans and give her some love!



  1. Awesome! I always like to learn other people's perspective on my writing, my views, my life, etc. Especially when they have good things to say...;)

  2. Hey Quixy, glad my review made you realise something new about yourself. Just posted this on facebook. Love all round!

  3. I always liked the name of your blog. Have to go read that review!

  4. You're right, it's always an eye opener to see ourselves through someone elses point of view!

  5. I love your blog and was drawn to it first by the name. I stay because I love how you think.

  6. I love that your blog covers all areas of life...motherhood, spirituality, humor, thoughts, and well....LIFE. You are "real" and I like that. Great to see you on Sharni's website!

  7. Whatever aspect of life you're focusing on at the moment it's always refreshing and fun to read.
    Your name fits you to a tee! ;-)


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